Andy and Mike caught up with's NFL Insider, Mike Florio, this morning. Mike told Daybreak about the number of veteran players cut by their current teams for salary cap reasons, and says they face a harsh reality on the open market.

Mike Florio: "They're all gonna be waiting a while to get the money they want. For most of them, if they were willing to a deal for less than they were supposed to get, they'd still be on their current teams... It just shows that teams have gotten better and better at ripping the name off the back of a jersey, and assessing a guy not based upon what he's done in the past, but what they can expect him to do right now - and more specifically what they can expect him to do in September... And that's made it a hard reality for older players. I think you're gonna see more and more older players, get pushed out of the league for younger, cheaper guys."