Andy and Mike talked with FOX Sports 1 College Basketball Insider, Reid Forgrave. Reid talked about the foot injury to top Draft prospect, Joel Embiid and says his career could be destined to go in one of 2 directions.

Reid Forgrave: "Word has it, it's 4-6 months recovery for that... The big deal isn't 4-6 months right now, it's what does this (mean) for the future, when he's already had back issues. He's had a stress fracture in his lower back that caused him to miss the NCAA Tournament, and now this... When a 7-Footer has these sort of health problems at a young age, it's a huge red flag... People have compared him to Hakeem Olajuwon - he has that sort of skill set... But you gotta wonder, if what he might end up being is a guy who was picked, one pick later than Hakeem, and that's Sam Bowie - one of the biggest draft busts in NBA history."