LA Kings TV broadcasting great Bob Miller joined Jay Mohr Sports on Wednesday prior to Game 5 up in Chicago.....With the Kings up 3-1 and on the verge of advancing to another Stanley Cup Final, we wanted to know why head coach Darryl Sutter still seems so upset.

Mohr: "Have you ever seen Darryl Sutter ever really laugh?"

Miller: "Yeah, once in a while but, it's not usually about a game. His greatest joy was during the Olympics this past year when he went back to his farm in Edmonton and had 70 calves born. He was really thrilled about that! When you just have a conversation with him about things other than hockey, he's pleasant to talk with."

Mohr: “What are the odds of Darryl Sutter coming on this show? Does he ever do media aside from after the game?"

Miller: “I don't think he would.... He doesn’t like to do that. Although when he came to the Kings, Fox Sports West asked me to do a 45 minute interview with him and I said, 'What? 45 minutes?' But, I had 55 questions to ask him. It was Darryl and myself alone in a room and he was fantastic."