NBA Hall of Famer and former championship teammate of new Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, David Robinson joined Jay Mohr Sports on Thursday and we asked him what kind of coach Kerr will make despite never having coached in the league.

Mohr: “Steve Kerr is your former teammate with the Spurs but, his winning percentage is zero and his resume is completely blank when it comes to coaching. How will he be as a head coach?”

Robinson: “I think he’ll be a very good head coach. He definitely doesn’t have a coaching resume, but he’s been in the front office and put teams together. He obviously spent a lot great years on some good teams, so he knows what it takes to build a championship team. I think from playing with him and being around him, he’s a smart guy and is with a team that has some talent and is ready to break through. He chose a great situation for himself and I think he’ll do well.”

Mohr: “How come we don’t see any centers who are head coaches in the NBA?"

Robinson: “We’re smart enough to not get involved in that whole affair (coaching). Point guards are known as coaches on the floor and have to get everyone involved, like a quarterback. They tend to think like a coach more so then us big guys.”