L.A. Dodgers catcher Drew Butera joined Jay Mohr Sports on Tuesday coming off Josh Beckett's no-hitter......We had him take us behind the plate during a no-hitter and how starting catcher A.J. Ellis injured himself on his mask during the celebration.

Mohr: “How nerve racking is it when you are behind the plate as a catcher during a (potential) no-hitter?”

Butera: “I’m a nervous wreck… It was hard not to think about it. Especially when (Josh) Beckett was bringing it up in the fourth inning, saying he had got a no-hitter going.”


Mohr: “For the next couple weeks you’re back as the starting catcher for the Dodgers because AJ Ellis sprained his ankle during the no-hitter celebration. You left your catchers mask on the field and he rolled his ankle on your it. Did you try to have him whacked?”

Butera: "(Laughing) It wasn’t on purpose, and I feel horrible that it happened to him. He is a great guy and a great leader. I feel really bad and it’s unfortunate. I didn't even throw my mask. We ran out to Josh and it was still on. We hugged each other and everybody was jumping up and down. Then my mask flew off and you could see it land perfectly underneath him (Ellis)!!"