NFL on CBS's Boomer Esiason joined Jay Mohr Sports on Thursday and we asked him if RG3 should be benched if he's healthy and if he would have handled the situation differently than Mike Shanahan has......

Mohr"Would you sit RG3 these final three games?

Esiason:  “If he was healthy I wouldn't sit him, I would play him. I would put his ass out there and say ‘we’re paying you a lot of bucks..”

Mohr: "Even if there is nothing to play for?

Esiason: There is always something to play for.  This is about Mike Shanahan taking control of the team, putting Kirk Cousins out there to showcase him and make him look good”

Mohr: "If you were the head coach of the Redskins, what would you do?

Esiason: “What I don’t know is what is going on behind closed doors. I know that is a very strange relationship, and a lot of that is because of the pressure RG3 put on himself to get back on the field. I think that Mike Shanahan just hates the relationship that RG3 has with Dan Snyder and this is his way of saying ‘You know what guys? Screw it. I am making the decisions. I am the guy running the football program. I am putting Kirk Cousins out there and he’s going to throw for 450 yards against Atlanta and all you other guys can basically, stick it where the sun don’t shine'. I personally think this is about Mike Shanahan showing he is controlling the football team and he is making the football decisions. And at the end of the year, there will be someone else doing that.”