Sports Ilustrated's Chris Mannix joined Kirk Morrison on Jay Mohr Sports Friday and we asked him if the surging Rockets were a title condender right now as is.

Morrison: Can this Rockets team be one that people are over looking and just giving it to OKC or San Antonio in the West?

Mannix: They’re dynamic and have become much more of a balanced offensive team. The first half of the season they were struggling to find ways to incorporate Dwight Howard into the offense…I’ve seen two of their games in person over the last month, and I still see a type of disjointedness that exists between Harden and Howard. It still doesn’t look like there always on the same page on the offensive end of the floor. Sometimes Harden is driving into a spot that Dwight is trying posting up in and sometimes Dwight doesn’t know when to get out of the way when Harden is going to the basketball. It’s not a criticism per say but, I still think Harden and Howard are still one year away from really learning enough to succeed (deep) into the playoffs.