L.A. Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly joined Jay Mohr Sports on Wednesday and he told us even though many experts are predicting a Championship this season, he knows getting to the World Series won't be as easy as it sounds.

Mohr: On paper when you look at the Dodgers it looks like a cake walk but, that's why you play the game. When you look at your team do you think to yourself 'If we don’t get to the World Series, I might lose my job' or do you say to yourself, no matter what happens I still should be the skipper next year"?

Mattingly: No, I know we have a lot of talent, but you’re definitely not a sure thing. We are in a tough division. San Francisco has got a good club....Arizona is getting better. All the teams in our division have gotten better. You don’t play it on paper and to be honest we've got a lot of big names, but we are a club that is getting a bit older, prone to injuries. The one thing that we point to is our pitching. We feel like we are going to pitch daily with our starters and our bullpen to keep us in a ton of games. So if we can catch the ball (play good defense) and put some runs on the board, we are going to be competitive. But I've seen a lot of teams with big names, not necessarily win. You've (still) got to go out and play and there are a lot of good teams out there.