Creighton Blue Jays Head Coach Greg McDermott joined Jay Mohr Sports on Friday and we asked him with all the talk about rule changes in college football, he said we need to leave college basketball alone.

Mohr:  We've seen what college football is trying to change in regards to slowing down the game, but do the coaches in college hoops have any power to veto something that a committee votes on? It  really seems like the coaches in the NCAA are pretty powerless once the (dreaded)committee gets together.



McDermott: We have a voice through our coaches association and I think over the course of the last decade, that group (NABC) has had a stronger voice on college basketball least having a spot at the table to discuss some of the issues that we think are for the betterment of our game. So at least in college basketball we have voice now, but does that mean we have a vote at the table? No, it doesn’t but college basketball is as good as it’s ever been and I think sometimes they invoke change just for the sake of change. If nothing is broke, there is no sense in trying to fix it.