Texas A&M Aggies Head Coach Kevin Sumlin joined Jay Mohr Sports on Tuesday to recap the BCS title game and gave us the latest on his star QB Johnny Manziel's future in College Station.

Sumlin:  "We have had some discussions prior to the bowl game, and provided him with information. We have just been talking about it. My job is to provide as much information to him and his family…help him make an educated decision. He’s got to make some decisions.  So I look for him to make some kind of decision (soon). 


Mohr:  "That’s a nice dodge Coach…that’s a nice dodge .....(laughing)". 


Sumlin:  No…it’s true. As a coach, you’ve got a couple different things going with guys like that. The more juniors that you have… you 're able to sit down and talk to about coming out early---you owe it to them as a coach to provide them with that kind of information. As a coach you show it’s not all about you…its about them and their livelihood.  And I think we’ve done that here in just a short time at A&M". 


Mohr:  "What does Kevin Sumlin tell his son? Stay or go"? 


Sumlin:  "I tell him to weigh all the facts and do what he wants…the collegiate experience…he knows he can get better but from that standpoint--if he leaves and decides to go—we’re gonna wish him luck, we’re gonna support him. If he wants to come back, we’re gonna welcome him back with open arms. That’s where we’ve positioned ourselves and his family understands that".