NY Yankees Broadcaster Suzyn Waldman joined Jay Mohr Sports on Thursday to chat about Derek Jeter's retirement announcement and told us why he made the decision to retire now versus waiting until the end of the season.

Waldman: "Who gets to choose how they want to go out? It's extraordinary to me....he's done everything in his career the way he's wanted to. Mariano Rivera told me two years ago, 'I'm not going out thinking that fans will have their last memory of me crumbled on the ground in Kansas City'. Derek Jeter was mortified last year (from his ankle injury) that he couldn't come back. He said it was the worst year of his life. He made this announcement before anybody got to spring training and now the distraction will be off. He could have done it at the end of the season and walked away but, he was thinking, what if I'm 0 for 25 on April 30th and somebody comes up to him, and says, are you done? Are you finished? Every slump or injury would have been a question and would have taken the focus away from the team....and that's Derek".