Former NFL QB Kurt Warner joins Jay Mohr Sports to discuss Tony Dungy’s comments about Michael Sam.

Mohr: “With Tony Dungy supporting guys like Mike Vick and Tim Tebow… It just seems odd that he would draw a line in the sand with Michael Sam?”

Warner: “You think about guys like Johnny Manziel, if you’re talking about distractions. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing but, it just brings a lot of extra attention to your football team. I think that’s what Tony was referring to. Not necessarily someone in regards to their sexual orientation, but whatever that background is and if it’s going to bring some extra attention to the team that we don’t need or think that team can handle. And you draft guys according to that (and ask the question)….Can your team handle that media scrutiny that is going to come with a situation like this? I think every coach has to make that decision for their team.”


Mohr: “In regards to Manziel, as a quarterback like yourself who’s succeeded against all the odds, when you see pictures of him in Las Vegas, do you say to yourself ‘that’s no way to make the roster’ or is Manziel so talented that he can show up when he feels like it, read the playbook and get on the field with his ability.”

Warner: “I’m not sure anyone is that talented when you get to the NFL. I think you have to work to some degree. Yeah, there’s a part of me that cringes sometimes when I see that stuff but, I obviously was never in Johnny’s situation. Everything he does is going to be scrutinized. I kind of remember that happening when Matt Leinart came to the Cardinals. It was a very similar situation he was when he was at USC. I cringe more, not because he can’t handle it, but when you put yourself in those situations and then go out there and don’t play up to yours or everyone else’s standards , that’s what they are going to point to.”


Photo: Getty Images