Los Angeles Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak calls Jay Mohr Sports to discuss the recently completed NBA Draft where the Lakers picked up Julius Randle.

Mohr: “Has Kobe been helping you out (with recruiting free agents)?”

Kupchak: “I’m not really sure who Kobe is talking to in regards to other players. The players talk to each other all the time so I don’t know how many calls he’s gotten or if he’s even made some calls (himself).”

Mohr: “He doesn’t check in with you? You don’t check in with him to see how it's going out there?”

Kupchak: “I don’t think he’s in the country right now”

Mohr: “What do you mean you think? (Laughing).... Hold on a second…..what do you mean you think he’s out of the country? There can’t be that much disconnect between you and Kobe, can there?”

Kupchak: “I don’t have his schedule everyday. When I spoke to him last he was out of the country and I know he is coming back (this week). But we do talk and of course, these days text too. Tonight, when we are allowed to recruit and contact free agents, trust me, I’ll have a conversation with Kobe. He’ll tell me what he’s heard and I’ll say this is who we have contacted or this is what I think, can you make a call? And he’ll say yes, whatever you need.”


Mohr: “How much do you want Nick Young to be a Laker next year?”

Kupchak: “He had a great year for us and he’s very comfortable in LA. We’re allowed to make calls and contact free agents tonight and he’s going to be one of our first calls. It’s an open market. I don’t know what other options he’s going to have and I don’t know what options we’re going to have. But he’ll be one of our first calls tonight.”


Mohr: “It seems like every three months everybody wants to talk about Pau Gasol being on the trading block. When you’re 7 feet tall and you throw out a triple double every once in a while…. I just don’t understand. What is it about Pau that his name just keeps coming up in the media (in regards to trades)?”

Kupchak: “It is unfair. He’ll be in the Hall of Fame, there’s no doubt in my mind. Unfortunately, there was some controversy regarding a potential trade, but that’s the nature of the business. He’s highly compensated, he’s a great player and along with that comes the responsibility of dealing with rumors from time to time. It is unfair, and talking about phone calls we’re going to make tonight, he may be the first call I make regarding the guys on our team. He’s a great player, he’s versatile, and I think he’s got two or three more years left in him for sure.”


Photo: Getty Images