Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer joins Jay Mohr Sports to tell you how excited he is to get started making the Clippers a hardcore team.

Mohr: “How hands-on are you going to be with the Clippers? Are you going to get involved with personnel decisions like Jerry Jones in Dallas or are you going to step back and let Doc Rivers run the show?”

Ballmer: “I think my number one job is to make sure we have great people in here to run the Clippers and I can’t believe how fortunate I am that Doc is running basketball operations. I’ll see how I can help things get to the next level, as that’s kind of my focus. I’m not going to call myself hands-off, but I not a basketball expert. I’ll be involved and supportive, but ultimately putting the team together is what Doc’s great at, and I’m so delighted to have him.”  


Mohr: “Are you going to sit court side at the games?” 

Ballmer: “I will! We have to figure out exactly where but, I’m a court side type of guy, not a box (suite) guy.” 

Mohr: “This is great! And I wouldn't be surprised at all if during some games you’re sitting up top in the nose bleed sections asking fans how the experience can be better for them!” 

Ballmer: “Very good suggestion Jay! Ill give you credit right here, right now baby!” 


Photo: Getty Images