L.A. Lakers PG Steve Nash joined Jay Mohr Sports on Tuesday and we asked him who his choice for their next coach would be. We also wanted to know what kind of affect the Donald Sterling controversy has had on the Clipper players during the playoffs.

Mohr: “You (currently) don’t have a head coach. That has to be kind of weird, going to the facility, and there is no leader. So, right now on Jay Mohr Sports, who do you want to be your next head coach?”

Nash: “That’s a good question, I really haven’t thought about it.”

Mohr: “You’re lying! There’s no way you haven’t thought about it!!”

Nash: “I’m not lying at all. To be honest, I’m completely concerned trying to get myself in a position to play games. I’m training every day, trying to get better, and find some stability where I can play consistently. This is an interesting time because we’re in the middle of a rebuild so; this has to be a coach that fits a lot of purposes and hopefully is someone who has a real plan for this project.”

Mohr: “I’ll throw out some names; you tell me one that sticks out to you……Steve Kerr, Lionel Hollins, Kevin Ollie, Roy Williams, and Jeff Van Gundy. Put one of those at the top of the list.”

Nash: “Well, I am close friends with Steve Kerr; I think he would be a great coach but, I know he has a lot of offers right now. Kevin Ollie was fantastic so, he’s a coach for the future. But, (Jeff) Van Gundy has got to be the guy that’s had the most success and experience, so he’s kind of the one that makes the most sense.”

Mohr: “Obviously a lot of Donald Sterling in the news….If you played for the Clippers, is it uncomfortable as a player to play for an owner going through something like this? And is it something guys are talking about (all the time)?”

Nash: “I feel bad for the Clippers. The playoffs are won and lost on one or two possessions. For those guys to have to go through this, you can’t tell me that it doesn’t affect you by a few possessions every night. Just the weight of what’s happened there and what they’re going through, I feel bad for those guys. They’re trying to win a championship and they got this mess surrounding them. I think they’ve done an incredible job to keep themselves alive.”