Musician Jake Owen joins Steve Gorman SPORTS! to talk music and college football.

Jeffrey Gorman: "Do you still travel with the clubs?"

Jake Owen: "All the time, man, all the time. You got to keep them with you. You never know when some guy is going to start running his mouth and you got to tell him to pop that wallet out."

Jeffrey: "By the way, I’m that guy and I’m a single digit guy. And I’m a neighbor of yours here in Nashville so we are now golfing buddies, Jake Owen."

Jake: "Alright, man, let’s do it."

Steve: "Jake, do me a favor. Just roll a skins game over my cousin and just bury him. Would you do that for me?"

Jake: "Yeah, I’m ready, man. You just tell me when and where. Bring five dollars in your pocket and I’ll take them from you."


Favorite Band: The Black Crowes

Favorite Team:Florida State Seminoles


Photo: Getty Images