New Baby's Name Is So Bad That Nurse Calls Child Services

Most of us have heard of someone who gave their child a name that is either unconventional or weird or just plain bad, but we know better than to say anything. However, one set of parents picked a name so terrible for their newborn that a nurse had to step in and take extreme measures to get them to change it.

The story was shared on Reddit's AskReddit page in a post that asks, "Nurses and midwives of Reddit, have you ever tried to talk new parents out of a baby name? What was it?"

Apparently, the parents wanted to name their child Monster Galileo and the nurse pleaded with them not to. When they wouldn't budge, she called child services, but the parents persisted. Apparently, little Monster now goes by Galileo.

Yet that wasn't even the worst name mentioned in the post. A different nurse spoke about parents who attempted to name their daughter Latrine. She wrote, "I had to explain to her that she was naming her poor baby after the hole in the ground that soldiers s**t into. She was horrified and changed it to Katrina." However, she went on to note that two days later, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

Another person wrote,

"My classmate's mother was a maternity nurse and she has a couple who wanted to name their son Collin but wanted to give him a unique spelling for it. (I do not understand why parents do this. It doesn’t make a boring name more interesting all it does is set your child up for lifelong inconvenience.) They spelled it out for her to put on the birth certificate C-O-L-O-N. They tried to name their son colon. As in, the organ attached to your anus. When the nurse explained this to them they were painfully embarrassed and asked her to write it down with the normal spelling instead. I don’t think they’ll ever live it down."

Someone else chimed in to say that they worked as a registrar at a hospital and saw all the names on the birth certificates. Some standouts they mentioned were Killer, Syphilis and Sweet Prayer Sunrise.

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