Zion Williamson is a Celebrity, Not NBA Superstar

Zion isn't an NBA Superstar

Today on The Odd Couple, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss whether Pelicans F Zion Williamson is a superstar already. Rob says no way, no how! Rob goes on to say that it’s way too soon to crown him a superstar after just 9 games. Chris agrees with rob and says people need to slow down. Chris also says Zion needs to play at least 3 months straight of basketball before crowning him a superstar. Chris goes on to say he is a celebrity because of his popularity on the internet throughout the years, but he is not yet an NBA superstar. Plus, Chris thinks Zion is playing well and if he can stay healthy he will put up numbers throughout his career but his game is ideal for the current NBA game, citing no true rim protectors in the majority of the NBA

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