Support Local and Win

The Pandemic has hit some of our local businesses like a wrecking ball engulfed in flames and covered in nails. A little dramatic, but thats how some of our local business feel. Yet from the rubble rises the Phoenix from the ashes. El Paso has long been a place where "Support Local" isn't just a catch phrase, but a way of life.

Once again, the Sun City has come together to show support in a unique and very El Paso way. Local To-Go Restaurants and Food Trucks - El Paso is not only highlighting what local establishments are still open, but hosting an event where there will be raffles and give aways when the page hits 15K followers. As of the writing of this post, they have 14,700+ followers. The page had originally asked local restaurants to to donate 15 total prizes and in typical El Paso fashion, the Sun City came through. 47 prizes (and growing) will be given away to a few of the selected followers of the page.

Wanna win and stuff your face with some of the best local cuisine in El Paso? It's easy, just follow the page!

When asked about the motivation for starting the page, Local To-Go Restaurants and Food Trucks El Paso Admin, Dan Morales said "I created the group in order to help keep El Paso businesses, particularly restaurants in operation during the Covid-19 pandemic. It started with all restaurants here in EP, mom and pops, national franchises and even national chains. The idea at first was that even though it may be a chain, the people that work there are local, and also need to eat."

After reading on the Facebook Page, that a National Chain had sold out, Morales changed his mind and reformatted the group. "This was rough to read as a former operator myself; I couldn't even imagine what it must have felt like for a local place that maybe made $100 that read those words. So we then made it exclusively local, kicked out the chains and kept only locally owned franchises. The group blew up exponentially in a matter of weeks, so then I started having some fun with it via the membership drive with a local food raffle at the end of meeting the goal."

The Big Chain restaurants and stores will most likely make it through the rough patch of the Pandemic, however what is not so certain is the survival of our local establishments in El Paso. Dan Morales and the almost 15,000 Members of Local To-Go Restaurants and Food Trucks are helping to provide just a little more hope that our local businesses can survive the economic impacts of Covid-19.

Please Support Local and Remember; Together, We Are El Paso Strong.

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